1 CYCLE Rickshaw on the ROAD 2 GUYS through 2 COUNTRIES India & PAKISTAN FROM Peshawar TO KOLKATA WITH ELECTRIC GENERATOR, Laptop & Projector BRINGING MOVIE ENTERTAINMENT audio & VIDEO FREE TICKETS for ALL for poor POOR PEOPLE at rural & slum areas START 11/2013 Grand Trunk Road NOMAD CINEMA Project

Sohrab goes home?

February 3, 2014

If you want to contribute and meet Sohrab tricycle in Europe, now you have a chance. We have to collect (for now) unknown amount of money (200–400 euro) to ship Sohrab to the Czech Republic. If this mission is not realized we will transfer all donations back to the donors’ accounts. No loss possible. If there is a surplus after successful shipping, join our welcome party and enjoy free drink. Donation amount is voluntary.

Transfer details

Bank account number: 1207385846/2310 (Zuno bank)
IBAN: CZ8323100000001207385846

Collected amount: 263 EUR (1. 3. 2014)