1 CYCLE Rickshaw on the ROAD 2 GUYS through 2 COUNTRIES India & PAKISTAN FROM Peshawar TO KOLKATA WITH ELECTRIC GENERATOR, Laptop & Projector BRINGING MOVIE ENTERTAINMENT audio & VIDEO FREE TICKETS for ALL for poor POOR PEOPLE at rural & slum areas START 11/2013 Grand Trunk Road NOMAD CINEMA Project

The end

April 26, 2014

The project is over. It is time to salute those who dedicated their lives to create a better India. RoadCinema: The Movie coming soon.

Happy ending

April 2, 2014

Sea side screenings

April 2, 2014


March 23, 2014

After 4 months on the road it is time for little summary. The end is near. The success is great. And there is not much more to say.

India – part 2: from Puri to Varanasi

March 6, 2014

Map with basic information from India – part 2 (Puri–Varanasi) was updated. Screenings (including photos), camping spots, etc.

Distance travelled by bikes: 550 km (Puri–Kolkata), 680 km (Kolkata–Varanasi).

Meaning of tourist

February 17, 2014

Sea, beach and screenings. Pure holiday in Puri.

Sohrab goes home?

February 3, 2014

If you want to contribute and meet Sohrab tricycle in Europe, now you have a chance. We have to collect (for now) unknown amount of money (200–400 euro) to ship Sohrab to the Czech Republic. If this mission is not realized we will transfer all donations back to the donors’ accounts. No loss possible. If there is a surplus after successful shipping, join our welcome party and enjoy free drink. Donation amount is voluntary.

Transfer details

Bank account number: 1207385846/2310 (Zuno bank)
IBAN: CZ8323100000001207385846

Collected amount: 263 EUR (1. 3. 2014)

Truth revealed

February 3, 2014

In the meantime, in Puri, we found time to walk through last 3 months. Check out the output – map log. You can always found up to date version on About Project page.

Pakistan (2/11 – 26/11/2013)

Map with basic information from Pakistan. Screenings (including photos), camping spots, etc. Distance travelled by bikes: 300 km

India (26/11/2013 – 8/4/2014)

Map with basic information from India (part 1 – from Amritsar to Kanpur & Puri). Screenings (including photos), camping spots, etc. Distance travelled by bikes: 950 km

Photo masala

January 28, 2014

Few indian pictures from our trip through continent.

Indian Cooking (Sunday special post)

January 26, 2014

We bring movies from Europe to Asia, and for reciprocity to be preserved, we were given something from Asian art for our internet audience in Europe. Vegetable dish from one of the poorest states of India – Orissa. Laxman’s Ojha (blacksmith) recipe is for four people. So let’s try Khechidi. You will need…